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Budget Payment Plan

Heating bills that are predictable and manageable

With energy prices higher than ever, fitting a propane bill into your monthly budget can be a challenge – especially in the winter, when fuel deliveries and holiday spending are more frequent. For this reason, we offer our Budget Payment Plan.

The Budget Payment Plan spreads out your annual propane costs into even monthly payments so that every payment is easy and manageable. Payments can be made via check, debit card or credit card. We also offer automatic payments through your credit card or fund transfer from your bank.

*Anyone not on a Stanford LP Gas Price Protection Plan will receive market rate pricing.

How it works


If computer and internet are not part of your life, just call our office and we will gladly tell you the current price for the program. You will have that week to contact our office to secure some or all of your next year's fuel.

You can buy as many times as you want, but there is a 200 gallon minimum on each purchase. For example if you normally use 1000 gallons of propane, you watch the price and you could buy 200 gallons in a certain week and then 400 at a later date and another 400 at another date. Your purchases will be blended together to give you an average blended price for the year.


You decide when you think the price is right, and how many gallons to buy that that time. As the price fluctuates through the year, you're in charge of when the best time to buy. There will be .20 cents per gallon non-refundable down payment required that week on all purchases.

If you would like to Pre-buy your fuel the year you will receive a 12 cent discount off the blended price and payment must be made in full by June 30th.

If you're a Net 10 day customer you will receive a .04 cent discount off your blended price.

As a budget customer, if you will elect to use our Electronic Funds Transfer system, you will also receive a .06 discount.

As a budget customer not on electronic Funds Transfer you will receive a .03 cent discount.

 The contracted gallons are for June 1st till May 31st of the following year.

If you would still like to enjoy the benefits of our price protection plan, an not participate in the Advantage program, We will still offer a cap, net 10 day and budget price, as we have in the past.

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