Propane Autogas

Propane Fueled Vehicles are the Greener and Smarter Solution to High Fuel Costs

Propane Conversion Center in Gladwin

  • Propane fuel is a Cleaner, Greener and smarter alternative to Gasoline
  • Vehicle conversions are done at our Gladwin Location
  • We Service and Install systems from ICOM, PRINS all of which are EPA Certified ( does not affect Warranty)
  • These systems run on a duel fuel format.  Either  Propane and Gasoline can be used at a touch of a button
  • Trained and Certified to work on RAUSCH and S2G FREIGHTLINER
Installation costs vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Call our Gladwin Conversion Team at: 989-426-5000 to get a quote. We will need your vehicle brand, year and engine size to help you with your conversion.

Many state associations, grants and state tax incentives are also available to convert your vehicle to propane.
The Michigan Propane Gas Association is offering $4,000 rebates for any new propane vehicle or propane conversion! Go to:
Stanford LP Gas complies with the Autogas Propane for Vehicles Act.

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The Conversion Center
(989) 426-5000
Gladwin, Michigan

THE CONVERSION CENTER is ready to meet all your propane autogas service needs!

Our ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, Kyle Roberts, is certified by ICOM of North America and the PRINS Systems by Alliance Auto Gas. He is also trained to service S2G Freightliners. Kyle is an expert at:

  • New system installations/conversions
  • Adjustments, service, and maintenance
  • The right answers to your autogas questions

The systems we install are EPA certified, which means any warranties on your vehicle will remain in effect, even after conversion.

Refilling your Fleet or Vehicle

  • Have a tank installed at your location, with autogas pump
  • Go to any propane dealer
  • Many propane Autogas dispensers are available throughout the state. Both Stanford Locations are set up for autogas as well as the intersection of m-20 and m-30. We have a self serve  station for your convenience. Call Midland location for an account setup.

Propane is Better for the Environment

  • Propane is the best solution to meet sustainability goals, and can reduce emissions by up to 50%
  • Propane can reduce C02 (greenhouse gases) by up to 20%

Converting to Propane makes Sense

  • Similar mpg, equal power, and equal torque to gasoline
  • 2 systems to choose from: ICOM liquid injection and Prins vapor injection
  • Both systems are dual-fuel, so you can use propane or gasoline at your choice
  • 90% of propane supplies are produced in the USA, reducing our dependence on foreign supply

Converting your Fleet or Vehicle to Propane Autogas

Converting your Fleet or Vehicle
to Propane Autogas

  • Substantial fuel cost savings. Average from .80 to 1.00 per gallon
  • Savings on extended service intervals and increase engine life
  • Reduced emissions, Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil,  Propane from Natural Gas is produced in USA

Stanford’s Propane Gas provides prompt and exceptional service.

Stanford’s Propane Gas refills Cylinders at both the Gladwin and Midland locations.

Stanford’s Temporary Heat keeps your construction jobs on schedule.